Shomla Video Chat Rules

  1. Prohibition of Indecent Materials and Behavior:

    • Displaying or discussing indecent or pornographic materials is prohibited.
    • Any actions that may be considered offensive, derogatory, or harassing are prohibited.
  2. Prohibition of Violence and Threats:

    • Threatening physical or psychological violence against another participant is prohibited.
  3. Prohibition of Discrimination and Hatred:

    • Spreading hatred, discrimination, or advocating violence based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or other grounds is prohibited.
  4. Prohibition of Spam and Advertising:

    • Posting links to third-party resources or advertising materials without the administration's consent is prohibited.
  5. Protection of Personal Information:

    • Disclosing or requesting personal information, including addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc., is prohibited.
  6. Respect for the Feelings of Others:

    • Criticism or condemnation of the religious, political, cultural, or other beliefs of other participants should be avoided.
  7. Prohibition of Artificial Intelligence Use:

    • Using bots or artificial intelligence for automation is prohibited.
  8. Commitment to Adhering to the Rules:

    • All participants must adhere to these rules, and violations may result in temporary or permanent suspension.
  9. Complaint Possibility:

    • Users have the right to file a complaint about another participant's unacceptable behavior by providing evidence.
  10. Moderators and Administration:

    • Moderators and administrators have the right to make decisions regarding the blocking or expulsion of a participant without prior notice in case of rule violations.